Keep up with the latest and the most up-to-date employment law advisory
Whether it is day-to-day support, a second opinion, or assistance with an employment tribunal, our team of employment experts can help with any employment challenges that you may face.
Employment Law has always been a complex matter of balancing the rights and obligations that employers and employees have towards each other.
Still, regardless of your location and despite the best efforts of international organizations and local institutions to reach this balance through continuously improving legislation; local Labour Legislation will remain a sensitive subject, open to various interpretations. As a consequence, without expert advice you might find yourself involved in a variety of conflicts with current or former employees, or even worse, with the local institutions.
NeCro offers you all the necessary support in order to solve any employment-related matter before it is too late and therefore avoid exposure to any financial or legal damages.
Based on your country’s Labour Law characteristics, we may offer services that include but are not limited to:

Assistance with preparing documentation for employees (e.g.: employment contracts, amendments, job descriptions, documentation on termination of employment, etc.) Having employment contracts, policies and other documentation in place isn’t just a legal requirement.  Assistance with preparing specific internal documentation for employers (e.g.: internal mandatory regulations, employees’ evaluation procedures, organizational chart, etc.)It’s also important in setting out the relationship between employer and employee.  Well drafted employment documentation will not only ensure that you comply with the law, but will give you the flexibility to manage your workforce according to business needs.